Friday, June 18, 2010

Meet the girls!

My backyard flock consists of 4 Rode Island Reds and 2 Blue Andalusians.  Well one is blue and the other is black.

Lilly is not shy.  She is the girlly girl in the bunch.  The social butterfly.   Lilly is a Blue Andalusian.   The Blue Andalusian has characteristics of being flighty and shy, and she totally is not.

This is Daisy.  Daisy is a Blue Andalusian too, but she came out black.  She is not so sweet.  She is flighty, and not so nice to her flock mates.  She has a tendancy to pick at my shoes, and peck at my hair.  BUT I still LOVE her.  She is really cute.

My  4 Rode Island Reds.  Red is in the front on the right and the rest are called the ladies.  When they are a bit bigger I will give them all names.


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