Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My girls finally have a coop of their very own.

Click on the pic and you will see the whole coop!

 My husband and I bought our coop from a great carpenter, from Northern NJ.  We went to his house, looked at pictures and then according to our needs and budget he made this coop for us.  The coop is 8 feet total including the run.  We paid $600.00 for it.  We found him on craigslist, through the hudson Valley NY section.
  My husband and Dad are such great sports.  They went an 1 hour into the middle of east bumble fu** to get this coop. AND they also had to pick up this 400 lbs coop.  When we brought it home, my husband and I decided it needed a chicken yard.  Even thought it has a run, we thought that the girls would really enjoy their very own yard.  My dad and husband created their yard using wire fencing, garden stakes, and nice gate. They even dug a trench and put the wire in the ground, so critters and foxes can't get it  I personally would have liked it  a little bigger, but I am not going to tell that to my husband who worked so hard today.  I know, I know, for six hens this is plenty, but I love them.

  Take a look at the pictures and let me know what you think.

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  1. It looks lovely -- those girls are going to have a great time trashing the lawn in their yard! I have one suggestion... because a friend lost one of her beloved ducks to a red-tailed hawk, I have put bird-netting over my girls' open yard. It's not the most attractive stuff, but I think they're pretty safe in there, and that's what matters...